The Importance of Learning Guitar Maintenance

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August 17, 2017
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August 17, 2017

The Importance of Learning Guitar Maintenance


Many guitarists, both just starting out and knowledgeable, leap into playing guitar knowing little regarding the instrument they’ve selected to play and the way to properly care for it. But the truth is, understanding both acoustic guitar maintenance and electric guitar maintenance is essential in the health of your guitars. If you do not take care of your guitar from the beginning then guitar maintenance might become a huge job later on down the line.

Naturally one choice is to pay for an expert to deal with the setup of the guitar. But what about the straightforward and common tasks like changing guitar strings. Do you actually want to have to take your guitar to the music store each time this needs to be done or would you rather just learn how to change guitar strings the correct way from the beginning?

Fortunately the undertaking of changing guitar strings is not too hard to understand and other setup and guitar maintenance jobs are taught in some very good programs as well. When changing guitar strings you need to get the right guide for the job. Consequently, you must bear in mind whether you will be changing acoustic guitar strings or changing electric guitar strings.

When learning how to change acoustic guitar strings you will notice that almost all acoustic guitar strings are kept in place by pegs at the bridge on the guitar. The energy of the string itself holds the peg in place and retains the peg from slipping out. When the strain on the string is relieved the string can come right out of the bridge. When changing electric guitar strings you will usually thread the strings through a slot in the back of the guitar. Frequently this can be much easier than an acoustic would be.

When threading your guitar strings through the post at the end of the neck of your guitar there are several alternative ways to ensure they are locked into position correctly. However, the most important part to remember is always to be sure to twist the machine head in the proper way so that the string is on the side of the post that faces in the direction of the middle of the guitar neck. By ensuring they face the right direction you are making sure that the guitar will stay in tune easier and that the strings are less likely to break. You also ensure that you do not cause any damage to the guitar as well.

One last thing to think about that many people don’t consider is that guitars are made of wood. Okay, I know that’s so surprising. It truly is astounding how a lot of people don’t realize it though and store their guitars in dried out or warm spaces for extended periods of time. This can dry and crack a guitar as well as cause worse problems if they get too hot since guitars are held together by glue.

Guitar maintenance can regularly be an overlooked subject. If you take care of your guitar at this point then your guitar is sure to have great resonance and serve you very well for years to come. So be sure to take time to understand the correct ways to take care of your guitar.

Learn more about changing electric guitar strings and guitar maintenance. Start handling your own guitar maintenance today.

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