How to make a music website with WordPress?

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August 8, 2017
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How to make a music website with WordPress?

by p_a_h

How to make a music website with WordPress?

Are you a singer? Or a musician or any band member? Or just a music seller?. If your answer to any of my question is yes, then you are at right place!!
Today I will show you how to make a music website with the help of wordpress and how to make it a huge success. All the do’s and don’ts will be covered so, be ready to experience the way to earn money. Off course I said “EARN MONEY” $ $ $ . I can see a huge smile on your faces.

Why to choose wordpress?
WordPress is one of the favorite Web Content Management System (CMS) and here are a few reasons why it’s ideal for your music site:
Thousand of themes to choose from : Making a website once meant struggling with HTML code until you get exhausted. WordPress came like a tonic to this and all you have to do is just set a theme for yourself and you are done. There are thousands of themes available, and plenty are tailored specifically towards the music industry. Some themes are free, but even premium themes cost very little.
Coding is like kids game : There is nothing such complicated all you have to paste in some HTML coding to get your youtube embeded or some third party site.
Support feature is like a boon to the society: WordPress is always ready to help you out in any situation. There are thousands of wordpress support forums where you can get each and every solution to your problems.

All you need to start up with wordpress :
Thing you need to start your music website with wordpress are
1) A Web hosting account with your own domain.
2) Some photographs of you or your band or the music you want to sell.
3) Some external links to the music or band which you can link to your website.
4) Choosing a Theme. It can be free or any tailored one.

“Sample of a music band theme.”

That’s all and you are up with your very own website. For step by step procedure to setup your wordpress website follow the link. build your website using WordPress

What should be included in music website?

Things to be taken in account while preparing a wordpress website will depend on various factors. It also depends on the way you want it to be used like.
If you are working with a band or have your own band. Website should have all the informations and contact details of band or about your music. Year it was established to the music videos and music concert. Each and everything should be included in it clearly.
If you are selling music for others or say you have a music downloading website where people can search for there favorite track and can download it. Website should be optimized in order or respond to downloading.
If you’re creating a music advice blog, you’ll want to cover the kind of advice people in the music business will want to read and learn about. Sites this one on songwriting do a good job of this, so check that out for examples of how to create an advice website.
Above this all important feature you should have in you website are :
1) Music : Perfect ! Your website should have a feature to make people listen to their favorite tracks and links to places people can download your songs. If you are selling physical copies or have an order function – Paypal will do the magic – so people can order your CDs directly from you.
2) Contact Informations : Contact information is the things which should be perfectly clear to the audience as they should not be confused among you and your PR agencies as well they should get a place to like. If you are selling music so, people should get the information about you and your services.
3) Background Informations : This helps your fans to get each and every informations about your band, about your music, You inspiration, success everything. This is the way your fan gets in touch with you.
4) Blog/News : Blog or news section should be included so, that people may get regular updation form your side. You favorite song and about how you went through it e.t.c.
5) Feedback Section : you can have a comment section or any feedback section or any rating system to your website but it should be there. You fans or say user of your website can let you know what is working out and what is not.

How to make money from your music website?

This is the most interesting and my favorite part of this Article. I love to make money and every one else does. We can work on anything but the bottom-line is to earn. If we want to have a luxurious life or want to live life a king’s size or say we want to look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, we have to spend on ourselves and for this we have to earn.
Now I will tell you how you can earn with your wordpress music website.
Earning depends on the nature of the website.
If you are musician or have your own band:
Half of the game you have won. People will purchase you music you concert’s tickets, your goodies and you stuffs. Crazy fans can go for anything and they can pay any amount to get stuffs from their favorite artists.

If you are a seller or other’s music :
There are two case 1) if you are selling music on other’s behalf with a valid contract and everything in control you just have make your website with a place to download music and that can earn you money form the people.
2) If you have just a simple music website with free downloading option. Here also you can earn money for sure.

I will illustrate few methods for this. Have a look
Since I know there many be various readers who are just having a simple music website where visitors can download music for free. What will the website owner earn? How will he be rewarded for his service? How will he recover his costing for setting up a website and getting it visitors?
Here is the Answer :
1) Google Adsense : A killer application for almost every site around. The best thing about it is that it actually serves you contextual text link adverts that often add a value to your content, and that is the key to its success. Also, the inventory of Google AdSense is so huge that it actually serves a lot of adverts which fit perfectly your ‘underground’ public, not in the most because of the fact that every indie shop has found its way to the platform. You really don’t want to miss out on this revenue stream.
2) Auction Ads : What does Auction Ads actually do? It allows you to monetize your website by displaying live eBay auctions next to your related copy. When your site’s visitors click on an Auction Ad listing and take an action on eBay you earn cash.
3) Advertisement: If you have good visitor count so, you can get any local or international ads for your website. Ads will be displayed to your website in the forms of banner or any link.

How to Drive traffic to your website?
Till now I told you how to setup a wordpress music website, Why to setup wordpress site, features e.t.c
Now I will tell you how to get traffic to your website so, that you may earn more.

Promoting your website will get you the right number of visitors and they can be potential buyers for your music and cd’s.

How to promote?
Giving URL to your website and having a domain booked or making a website is not the end of the game. Game is just begun.
1) Promoting your website with the help of social media is a perfect start to have visitors. Regular updating the events or music to the fan pages and other social media accounts will get you engaged with fans. Engage yourself as much as you can. Make them you friends not only your fans.
2) Constantly keep the website updated with new content – both so that fans return and so that the search engines have plenty of new content to index.
3) Give fans rewards or discount so, that they may return back to your website every time.
4) Contest can be the best practice for engaging fans.

Follow these steps and get success for sure. Best of luck.

How to make a music website with WordPress? Are you a singer? Or a musician or any band member? Or just a music seller?. If your answer to any of my question is yes, then you are at right place!! Today I will show you how to make a music website with the help of wordpress and how to make it a huge success.

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