Advice for those considering online musical-instrument purchase

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Advice for those considering online musical-instrument purchase

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by Skley

Today’s smart buyers are looking to online resources to shop for everything from automobiles to guitars. Learn how to make smart decisions when considering the online purchase of a musical instrument.

Nowadays, savvy buyers are heading to the Internet when they want to purchase every conceivable variety of goods and services – anything from groceries to floral deliveries. Even musical instruments. If you’re looking to buy an instrument for yourself or a loved one – or as a gift for someone special, there are a few things you should know before you plunk down your hard-earned money.

Research your instruments – Don’t buy without knowing what it is you’re getting. You should research your desired instrument before you buy – among other things, you’ll learn about the different features of each instrument you’re thinking about buying.

For example, if you’re interested in buying a guitar, there are plenty of things to consider. Do you want an electric guitar or an acoustic one? How about the number of strings: Six? Seven? Twelve? What about accessories? Do you want to get one with a whammy bar (to do your Pete Townsend impression) or are you simply looking to learn a few basic chords so you can strum along with your favorite folk CD? Either way, know what you want before you buy.

Know your brands – When you’re researching prospective musical instruments, know what it is you want; or, when buying an instrument as a gift, know what the intended recipient has in mind. You also should be fully aware of what you’re getting.

Maybe little Egbert has been wishing for the Schecter Hellraiser C1 electric guitar. If so, don’t assume he’d be just as happy with a simple Walden D351 acoustic. Better to know beforehand what he really wants, to avoid the hassle of return the unwanted item and order the one he’d been wishing for all along not to mention disappointing the little tyke.

Perhaps a guitar isn’t on your wish list. Maybe you’re looking for a banjo, harp, mandolin or ukulele or maybe a more-uncommon instrument – like a crystal piccolo or flute or even hand drums. The same rules still apply: Know which brands of instruments are on the market, as well as which features each offers – and know who’s going to be playing the instrument.

Find a dealer you can trust – When purchasing a musical instrument online, you should work with a dealer you can trust especially when you don’t know a Schmidt from a Schecter – or anything in between. It’s always safest to work with a dealer whose reputation you know and trust – and who won’t try to talk you into buying more instrument than you need, just to pad his sales figures for the month.

Trustworthy dealers know it isn’t to their best advantage to coerce you into buying more instrument than you need, because in the long run, you won’t be satisfied and won’t come back to them for future purchases. They realize it’s better to help you buy what you need, grow a relationship and earn your repeat business.

And remember: if you’ve got questions about a particular brand or model of instrument, ask. A responsible dealer will welcome the opportunity to educate and inform you about the different options available to you. Even if you think it might be a stupid question, ask it anyway. The truth is, there are no stupid questions, only unasked ones. And unasked questions don’t ever get answered. And that doesn’t help anybody.

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